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Armchair treasure hunts can be solved from the comfort of your home.   All the information needed to discover the location of the treasure is included in the image.   Only after discovering the location should you leave your armchair to search for the token.

1  -  Look at the image
2  -  Solve the puzzles
3  -  Find the token
4  -  Email the solution (and photo) to

When you find the token, email me what you found on the back.   And send me a photo of you at the final location.

If you can't find the token but found the right location (you'll know!), then send me a photo of you there anyway!


Latest Clues...

13/02/2024 - The birds are important....

You can ignore the three birds that are different.   The other four pairs lead you to the location...

28/12/2023 - A new clue to welcome you into the new year....

Once you have counted on the outer colours, consider carefully the pairs in the image.   They will lead your eyes to the correct symbols...

02/11/2023 - You can now download a copy of the treasure hunt....

In the DOWNLOAD section, click on the image of the hunt.   Then right click on the large image and click Save Image As...

28/10/2023 - People are beginning to realise the importance of the colours...

Every colour is important. The feathers will guide you towards your goal...


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Puycapel Treasure Hunt


Frequently Asked Questions...

Q: When does the treasure hunt begin?

The treasure hunt starts on 21 October 2023 at the Chestnut Fair in Mourjou

Q: How old do you have to be?

There is no age limit.   The clues are largely pictorial.   If you are too young to read, ask another family member to help you.

Q: Do you need a spade?

The treasure token is hidden and not buried.   There's no need to dig!   You will find the token on accessible land, not private or religious.

Q: Where is the treasure hidden...!?

The treasure token is hidden somewhere in the commune of PuyCapel.

Q: How much does it cost?

The treasure hunt only costs €2 (just enough to cover the costs of printing on recycled paper)

Q: Where can I buy it?

You can buy it at the Foire de la Châtaigne next to the museum shop.   After 10/24/2023, you can email me at to purchase a copy.

Foire de la châtaigne


Photo session worth 100€ in the studio at 15600 Leynhac


Portrait photoshoots can be fun and mark an occasion.   Invite your friends and family to a fun photo session to take beautiful portraits together.


A list of the prizes

The first prize is a free photo session, but there will be discounts for 4 more people who solve the treasure hunt and send me a complete solution by email.

  1er Prize
1 Free photo session in the studio (15600 Leynhac) worth €100 (max 2 hours)
# Runners Up
2 25% reduction for a 1 hour photo session in the studio (15600 Leynhac)
3 10% reduction for a 1 hour photo session in the studio (15600 Leynhac)
4 10% reduction for a 1 hour photo session in the studio (15600 Leynhac)
5 10% reduction for a 1 hour photo session in the studio (15600 Leynhac)


Conditions : Photos from these sessions may be used for publication on this website and social media relating to Studio Le Fort.   The photo session must be redeemed within a year of the offer being made.   Maximum of 5 people participating in the photo session.